2009 Sailfish Slam



The City Marina’s Sailfish Slam concluded Saturday with the boat Houdini taking home the prize for the most sailfish releases and the most release points. The 71’ Jim Smith, from the Isle of Palms, captained by Wayne Skinner, took the lead by releasing 15 sailfish the third week of the event and held it from then on. Houdini collected a total of 3613 points, releasing 18 sailfish throughout the tournament. Houdini also received the only meat fish prize in this event by weighing in a 19.1 pound wahoo. The 2nd place boat, Miss Annie, a 52’ Viking out of Allenwood, NJ finished fishing with 3010 point, releasing 15 sailfish. In a close third, the 55’ Jarrett Bay, Micabe released 14 sailfish during the month, finishing with 2805 points.

PointsNameDays FinishedReleases
3613Houdini, 71’ Jim Smith, Isle of Palms, SC318 Sails, 13 Tagged
3010Miss Annie, 52’ Viking, Allenwood, NJ415 Sails, 10 Tagged
2205Micabe, 55’ Jarrett Bay, Charleston, SC414 Sails, 5 Tagged
1800Artemis, 50’ Custom, Charleston, SC49 Sails
1401Insure, 48’ Ocean, Wildwood, NJ44 Sails, 1 Tagged Blue
802Syked Out, 56’ Viking, Isle of Palms, SC34 Sails, 2 Tagged
802Major Motion, 50’ Monterey, Charleston, SC34 Sails, 2 Tagged
801Petrel, 53’ Sportsman, Mt. Pleasant, SC14 Sails, 1 Tagged
602Mea Culpa, 130’ McMullen & Wing, Las Vegas, NV43 Sails, 2 Tagged
601Reel Jim, 55′ Caison, Wilmington, NC33 Sails, 1 Tagged
600NOFA, 40’ Ritchie Howell, Charleston, SC23 Sails
600Chaos, 36’ Topaz, Mt. Pleasant, SC43 Sails
400Miss Magnolia, 50’ Viking, Hilton Head, SC12 Sails
201Chasin, 54’ Spencer, Charleston, SC21 Tagged Sail
201Fear Knot, 63’ Bertram, Myrtle Beach, SC21 Tagged Sail
0Reel Patience, 60’ Viking, Hilton Head, SC2