2013 White Marlin Open Tournament


Miss Annie Wins 2nd Place in the Tuna Division at the White Marlin Open!

With a large turnout of 262 boats entered, the 2013 White Marlin Open Tournament, held in early August, was a great success paying out over $1,700,000. The Tournament is fished, both out of the Canyon Club in Cape May, New Jersey and Sunset Marina in Ocean City, Maryland, where the majority of the boats fished from. Day one and two did not turn out to be very productive for the Miss Annie Team. After taking a lay day on the third day, the Miss Annie Team returned to the sea on Thursday, August 8th which was to be their last tournament day of fishing. With 191 boats fishing on the fourth day, August 8th, the winds were light and variable with favorable seas 2 to 3 feet. While trolling light tackle for White Marlin, the Miss Annie ran into pilot whales and they marked bait and swarms of tuna. After switching over to heavier tackle for big tuna at around 11 A.M., Mark Donohue, of Team Miss Annie, hooked up on a 261.5 pound Big Eye Tuna which took him over an hour to bring into the boat, putting the Miss Annie temporarily into 1st Place in the Tuna Division in the White Marlin Open on the fourth day with one more day left in the Tournament. On Friday, August 9th, another boat named Sushi from Virginia caught a 276 Big Eye Tuna knocking Miss Annie back down to 2ndd place for a total 2nd Place prize winnings of $65,126.83 in the Tuna Division of the White Marlin Open.