7.29.08 — Offshore Trip

 2008 Summer Season in NJ

7.29.08 Offshore Trip

The crew aboard Miss Annie caught 7 yellowfins, 1 bluefin, 1 mahi, and pulled the hook on a 400 lb. blue marlin Tuesday. We stopped short on the way to the Toms and put ’em out in 40 fathoms on a temperature change and within 10 minutes caught a bluefin tuna pushing 125 lbs. I marked the fish there pretty good and could have spent some time there catching, but decided to head to the 100 fathom drop at the tip of Toms Canyon to fish that 80 degree water. As soon as we hit the drop, we were covered up with a triple of yellowfins. There were a couple nicer fish mixed in, but these fish were mostly around 50-60lbs. We did catch a couple pushing 100lbs. After catching 4 more yellowfins, at around 1pm we raised a blue marlin to the right sidebridge teaser. This fish came firing in red hot and teased all the way to the boat…everyone got a real good look at this fish piling all over the teaser…unfortunatly it made a turn and piled all over a spreader bar and aired out one time for everyone to see the show, then pulled off. A good bit of excitement at the end of the day. Conditions looked okay there today, there was not a lot of bait to look at, but the water was 80.1 degrees and very blue.