8.01.08 — Offshore Trip

2008 Summer Season in NJ

8.1.08 Offshore Trip

Pre-fishing today for the white marlin open. We went 3 for 6 on white marlins and saw 7. Also, caught eight mahi’s. Ran to the Wilmington Canyon to look around. Offshore… around the 1000 fathom line there were some hard current edges made up and some pretty blue water. We laid out the spread and by 9am were hooked up to a white marlin. We managed to catch the first two fish we saw that day, both being whites. Then had a couple more shots mid-day that managed to get away but caught one at the last minute to cap off a pretty good day. We picked at a few mahi’s throughout the day and ended up catching 8. Totals for the day were 7 whites seen, 6 bites and caught 3. The water was around 80.5 degrees and a real good blue color to it.