2009 Buccaneer Cup

Red Hot Fishing Highlight

Buccaneer Cup and Fish For Life Tournaments

A cold front had temperatures hovering in the 30’s during the captain’s meeting on January 21st at the Buccaneer Restaurant, but while participants were huddled in heavy jackets and sweatshirts, they were all expecting the fishing to break wide open as a result.

The Buccaneer Cup along with the Florida Fish for Life made a return to the Buccaneer Restaurant with a great captains meeting with good food and aJamaican steel band for entertainment. Gary Caputi, Buc tournament director, and Fred Miller, FFL tournament director, briefed the crews on slight changes in the rules and the fishing schedule before a buffet diner was served. Then crews returned to their boats to finish prepping for the first day of fishing and what a day it was!

The Buc Cup fishing days ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday while the Fish for Life was scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Day one of both tournaments saw the sailfish snapping for anglers from lines in the water at 8 AM with live baiters racking up big numbers early in the day and trollers working hard to match the pace. Miss Annie finished the day with 21 releases for 28 bites totally 2100 points with Rude

Day two of the Buc and FFL saw a repeat of day one with the Miss Annie Team continuing to dominate with releases being called in regularly throughout the day. When the dust settled the team finished the FFL with an additional 21 releases out of 40 bites for a total of 4200 points and a first place finish with a margin of 1800 points over second and third places boats Big Oh and Juel Marie with 2400. Big Oh won second on time with Juel Marie finishing third. Greg Bogden of the Miss Annie took home top angler honors with Chris Martin of the Juel Marie taking second and Molly Flemming taking top lady angler.

Day three of the Buc Cup saw the fishing action drop off dramatically with boats working hard to scratch out additional points to advance their position in the standings. When Lines Out was announced at 3 PM Miss Annie was still atop the heap with 4600 points, Big Oh had catch and released enough to move its total to 3400 points and Covert Mission has moved into third place with 3200 points. Greg Bogden captured top angler honors, Chris Martin took second and John McIntyre took third with Molly Flemming taking top lady angler honors. (For a full listing of winners see the standings below.)

Saturday evening the crews and guests, observers and all the volunteers and tournament officials for a wonderful dinner and awards program at the Sailfish Club of Palm Beach. It was announced that the FFL generated approximately $15,000 for is continuing donations to medical research and treatment of colon cancer and the Buc would be sending its proceeds, approximately $25,000, to the Recreational Fishing Alliance. Sincere thanks to everyone who helped including sponsors, volunteers and participants.

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